Pinot Noir - Bastard Tongue - Sonoma County - 2014


100% Pinot Noir
Raised 22 Months in French Oak, 85% new
“Argot is but a bastard tongue grafted on the mother stem…”
—Albert Barrère, Argot and Slang, 1889

After becoming the portfolio's breakout star in 2011, each successive vintage of 'Bastard Tongue' has gone from strength to strength. The 2014 is no exception, reaching even more significant heights than ever before! As delicious and complex as ever, the 2014 is just packed with more of EVERYTHING — more fruit, more earth, more textures, more 'Pinotosity'. Deep, profound and delicious, walking that razor's edge of the fruit-laden glory of California Pinot Noir, with the variety's inherent complexities. Overt deliciousness, complemented by significant intelligence, and demand for ponderance. Think all you want, just don't forget to enjoy. Simply wonderful.

Wines crafted from the Pinot Noir grape are capable of explicitly representing the terroir in which they are grown. Each vintage Argot derives great joy in interpreting the Saralee's, Hawk Hill, Steiner and Estate vineyards through the expression of Pinot Noir. Like all of Argot's Pinot Noirs, the Bastard Tongue cuvée comes from vineyards that are farmed to an exceptional standard, are obsessively lorded over in the winery, given great patience in their raising, and excruciating selection in their assemblage. What separates them from the rest of the Pinot portfolio is their focus exclusively on the grape itself, regardless of the place it was grown.

Each year we taste through our barrels and select those that present the most decadent, deep and complex representation of Pinot Noir the vintage allowed. Those barrels are then buried in the coldest, darkest corner of the winery to continue marinating, concentrating, mellowing and deepening. Increasing in their complexity of fruit, in hopes of offering a new take on what the Pinot Noir grape is capable of.

Never forget to indulge in the pure extravagance Pinot Noir is capable of.

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